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At Batavi, we like to do things differently. We know what our industry and the market needs and are devoted to making life easy for our dealers. We make sure our dealers can rely on us, to make sure they can focus on sales! Our specialists know everything there is to know about the brands we carry and are there for you if you need any help, advice or tips to improve your bussiness. We believe that working together with dealers is the key to success!

We are always actively working on expanding our dealer network so if you want to become part of the family, do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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Our Promise

We have a very clear idea of how to do things. These are our key points:

When you order from us, you order from us directly and we ship from our own stock. This means faster deliveries and more certainty about stock status.
We are here to make things easier for our dealers. We put ourselves in your position to try and truly understand what is important for you. Simply put: we work with our dealers, not just for them.
Information about the brands we carry is always up to date. We will provide you with the latest product catalogs and product information files to makes sure you always know which products are current collection so you can keep your own system up to date as well.
We strive to provide you with the best service possible, to make sure you can focus on what truly matters. If there’s an issue, we will solve it. Simple!

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