An introduction to Artonvel

” Handmade, of high quality, robust and stylish at the same time. ”

No better way to ride! That’s the slogan of the French motorcycle accessory brand Artonvel. Founded in 2017, the company is committed to support adventurers in their desire for freedom.

The birth of Artonvel is the result of the meeting of the founders; one has a fascination for the interwar period, the other was an adventurous motorcyclist. The two found out that no leather goods manufacturer could not meet the technical requirements of motorcyclists.

Reason enough for them to do this differently. With this in mind, empowered by their vision and overlapping passion, the gentlemen embarked on their journey to create products that symbolize freedom and the embodiment of style and elegance. 

Their inspiration is drawn from the vintage outfits of pilots and combined with the practicality of products for the demanding adventurer on two wheels, is what makes the collection so meaningful. The new way of carrying the necessary and essential luggage makes it possible to ride, to travel, to escape… in complete relaxation. Handmade from the finest materials, of high quality, robust and stylish at the same time. They reach an unprecedented level in user enjoyment. The innovative vision subtly combines practicality, style and technology to enable a new way of carrying luggage.

Carrying comfort is very important and Artonvel wants to accompany you on your ride, without being “present”, total freedom of movement. The speed, the bad weather, the unexpected, whatever the escape … Artonvel is there!

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A quick look at the Artonvel collection

The Original – Shoulderbag

A convenient alternative to the backpack.
Click here to see the Artonvel shoulder bag collection.

Military – Leg Bag

It’s soft and timeless colours will seduce all adventurers.
Click Here to see the Artonvel leg bag collection.

Aviator – Cylindrical Bag

The Aviator cylindrical bag offers a vintage look to your bike.
Click here to see the Artonvel cylindrical bag collection.

Aviator – Magnetic Bag

the Military magnetic tank bag will accompany you throughout your trip.
Click here to see the Artonvel magnetic bag collection.